Caring with Kallol

The growth and maturity of a social organization is not measured by numbers, but by the social responsibility that the organization learns to pick up during its journey.

We have learnt to share whatever we have, with an extended Kallol family.
We have learnt that even small gestures can mean big things. We have learnt to grow.

Not every children is blessed in life to have a family around them to share their happiness and sorrows. The reality is –there are more than 140 million orphaned children worldwide according to UNICEF( in 2015). Sadly, millions of these children also live in unhygienic conditions.
We cannot change the fate of all these 140 million children but every small move with that intent, counts.
Kallol Netherlands believes in making small positive differences in the society by contributing to the lives of those who need the most: the Orphaned children in our home country India.

Rocking chairs to “rock’ the world and blankets to share the “warmth” – Kallol’s small effort to bring a smile during Durga Puja 2018.